Using bark nuggets – helping Mother Nature improve my garden

There’s much more to using bark nuggets than just adding a beautiful look to your flower beds. Apart from the aesthetics, it is good for your soil in more ways than you can imagine. These are just some of the benefits of adding bark and mulch to your garden.

There is no better way to change the soil in your garden than by incorporating organic content. Organic bark and mulch eventually breaks down and add to the nutrient base of the soil. This makes the soil richer. In addition, it also improves the water-holding capacity of soil near the surface.

During your hot summer months, bark keeps the soil cool and moist. Mulch lowers the temperature of the soil, so less water is lost to evaporation. This protects the micro-organisms that are so important for the general health of plants. Likewise, during the winter months it keeps the root zone warm, protecting the plant life.

It also prevents soil being washed away from around plants during heavy rainstorms. It is done through softening the impact of the falling water and slowing it down. This ensures that it can soak into the soil before running off. Moreover, it promotes good root growth by retaining moisture in the root zone, where it is most needed.

Soils with organic mulch do not need digging, as micro-organisms do all the work. I know a mulch is working for me when the earthworms start getting more and bigger. Loads of earthworms helps to aerate the soil. This ensures that more oxygen gets deeper into the soil. In a few years, your soil will start to get darker and richer, and the worms will do the tilling.

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