The magic of night blooming flowers

While most flowers open in the mornings, night blooming flowers wait until late afternoon to open their blooms. There is something mysterious and magical about flowers that bloom at night. Because of their special qualities, it’s worth adding a few of these to your garden.

So, what makes night blooming flowers so special. Firstly, these flowers often have a beautiful scent. It therefore adds a wonderful fragrance to your garden at night. Their colour is usually light, either white,  light blue, yellow or pale pink. The combination of scent and light colour makes them stand out. This is how they attract night time pollinators.

Here are a few night bloomers to add to the magic of our summer evenings.

Evening Primrose

Evening primrose has blossoms of pale pink, yellow or white. They also grow easily and can serve as a ground cover. This is also the plant that evening primrose oil is made from.

Zaluzianskya capensis

This plant, also known as verfblommetjies or night phlox, have lovely almond-vanilla scented flowers that bloom at night. The flowers open towards the evening and remain open until early in the morning. The flowers are small purple buds that open to white. As the light intensity increases they slowly start to close.

Angel’s Trumpet

Their huge white flowers open at night and remain open into the next morning. They look like trumpets hanging down and gives a ethereal feel to your garden.

Climbing Hydrangea

This lovely plant has large white flowers that bloom at night. Its leaves vary in colour from pink to gold to dark green.


This small tree has large hanging flowers that open for a week at a time with the full moon. They also look stunning when planted in containers.


The Polianthes tuberosa is a stunningly beautiful flower, and is also very fragrant. You can plant these bulbs in containers or beds.

Incorporate some of these plants into your landscaping and you will want to spend all your summer evenings relaxing in your garden.