Swartwitpens Circle Hillandale, Woodlands (2014)

This project in Swartwitpens Crescent incorporates a design with circles. We constructed three circles into the garden, which creates flowing pathways. Then to accentuate these circles, we used textured pebbles on the pathways. All around the circles we planted drought tolerant Aloes, Cacti and Dymondia, an indigenous ground cover. To create movement around the elevated circle, planting of savannah or grasslike plants, such as the Chondropetalum (Dekriet), Dietes Grandiflora and the Berberis plants are introduced. These also serves to incorporate plum and maroon colours into the landscape. The different elements and shapes of the garden compliments the home. Moreover, it also makes the garden feel larger. As a result, this landscape is a show stopper, unique in style and character.