Stollreither Street Fichardtpark

This townhouse located in Stollruither Street Fichardtpark has a small, narrow garden. In order to create visual interest, we constructed semi-circular patterns with built in cobbles, rocks and pebbles. It also mirrors the arches in the architectural design of the building. This serves to make this garden appear larger and produces a magnificent view from the balcony overlooking the space. From this higher vantage point you can fully appreciate the artful design of the garden.

We also complemented the hard landscaping by adding softness with water-wise plants. Our selection included lush ground cover, sculptural plants like Yuccas, brightly coloured flowering shrubs such as Agapanthus and a variety of swaying grasses. Some of the existing plants, like the striking, bright pink Bouganvilla were also re-used. This results in a drought tolerant, low maintenance garden that will continue to grow to add a lush, cool feel to the garden.

In a small space, you have to be very detail oriented, as you can view the entire garden at a glance. By creating different areas for the eye to fall on, we crafted an alluring garden with many different spaces. In this garden, although small, you feel as if you are constantly discovering new things to look at.