Small gardens – Tips for getting the most out of a tiny garden

Most newly built homes and townhouses have small gardens. But there is no reason your tiny garden cannot be a well-designed stunner. The principles of good garden design still apply, but you might need to tweak them slightly.

It’s all about planning. You need to decide on the style or look that you would like. Also keep in mind that a small garden can usually be seen as a whole. You can use it to your advantage, design can be easier when you take in the entire space at one glance.

There is no room for wasted space. However, you can still choose big impact pieces, such as a stunning pot or water feature, or a large, structural plant.

Go vertical! A living wall also works well in small gardens. This show stopping feature helps with noise reduction, which is really helpful in a townhouse garden.

If you plan to entertain, plant beddings along the borders of the garden to create more space at the centre. Alternatively, you can create a beautiful border of planting to surround your entertainment area.

Don’t forget to add lighting to extend the use of your garden well into the night. Especially since it will maximize the amount of time that you can entertain and enjoy your garden.

If your patch of lawn is really tiny, consider installing artificial lawn. In addition to looking just like the real thing, it is durable, low maintenance, and also needs no water.

When selecting plants for a small space, stick with a monochromatic scheme of cooler colours.  It’s a clever design trick that makes the space feel bigger.

Limited space means you are going to have to make some clever plant choices. Therefore, shop with your garden plan in mind. You’ll have to be very selective, so see it as a challenge. In a tiny garden less is more. Use a smaller variety of plants and plant them in en-masse to create a stunning effect.

The best way to get the most out of a small garden is to obtain the services of a professional landscape designer.  We will design your dream garden, adding value to your lifestyle and property!