Simply stunning succulents

Ok, you probably have already figured out that we have an undying love for succulents. How can you not love them when they are not only beautiful, but so easy to grow.  Why their rise in popularity?  Well, for one thing, they are almost impossible to kill. Being tolerant of low water levels, they can thrive in dry environments. There’s also no shortage of design possibilities since they come in all sorts of interesting forms, colours, and textures. With watering restrictions driving the trend towards low-water, low-maintenance gardens, succulents have become immensely popular.

Succulents are great to use when you have very little space and little soil. Grouped together, they will add colour and texture so your garden will look lush and full. An outdoor succulent garden isn’t just for warm climates! This very large plant family includes varieties that range from hardy types that will survive winter freezes to tropical ones that work well outdoors in warm climates There are kinds that do well in full sun and others that prefer shade. In other words, there are succulents for all types of growing conditions. They can be used in so many ways, in your garden, in pots and planters, as table decoration for your patio table or as borders.

I hope I have inspired you to give succulents a try. As our weather heats up and water becomes more scarce, succulents will allow you to have a colourful and interesting garden despite heat waves and water restrictions.