Reviving your lawn after winter – how to achieve an envy worthy lawn

Winter’s icy hands are letting go. You’re again starting to see signs of spring. But before you can invite friends over for a braai, you’ve got to get your lawn in shape. To get a lush green lawn, we have a few tips to help your lawn spring back to life.


Give your lawn about three cm of water every week. Don’t forget to water for two weeks and give it six cm to make up for it. The best time to water the lawn is early morning before it’s hot. Your lawn will flourish even on the most sweltering days if it has received regular water. Sporadic watering will not get you results.


It’s time to get your workout. Start weeding before your fist mowing session. This will help you to pull weeds from the root. It helps to give some water beforehand to get the soil soft. Keep a lookout for dandelions, carrot weed and clover. They tend to grow back every year. You can also use a weed killer, such as Effecto, to help get rid of weeds. Especially since it won’t damage your lawn.


Due to our very dry, cold conditions during the winter, your soil becomes extremely dense. When soil is dense, it’s hard for grass roots to get the air it needs to grow. Use an aerator to let the air into the roots. In other words your lawn will be able to absorb enough water and O2.

Keep it short.

Set your mower on its lowest setting for the first mow of the season.  In fact, mowing grass very short results in an extensive root system. Mowing very short helps to ensure that no additional energy for growth is wasted. Instead it’s channelled to the roots, where it is most needed. Ensure that you give it a good amount of water after mowing.

Best mowing practice.

Lawn is quite sensitive to sunlight for a few hours after a vigorous mowing. It may burn and dry out on the tips. Rather mow your lawn late afternoon and give enough water afterwards. Don’t offset mowing in the middle of the day with a flood of watering, in effect, you’ll only waste water.

Touch up your Lawn Edging.

As the weather warms and mowing increases, you need to maintain your edging to keep a clean look. Edging your lawn around flower beds, pathways and patios gives your yard neat appearance. It also prevents grass overgrowth into your landscape features. Adding edging gives your garden a professional look.

Fertilize This.

It’s time to add some nutrients to the soil. After all, just as you need food, so does your lawn. In order to add nutirents, use a lawn dressing. Add a good quality fertilizer (everyone has their preferred brand) once a month.

Get Professional Help.

Most people just don’t have the time to spend in reviving their gardens each spring. Leaving their gardens unprepared for summer heat. You want the lawn to be fully established before summer heat comes. This will help to create a “barrier” to retain moisture and protect the roots.

Hiring professionals like E Sienna Life ensures a beautiful garden and a healthy growing season. If you’d like a hand bringing your lawn back to life after this winter, contact us on 083 255 0690!