Ravishing roses – how to care for your roses in winter

By now the chilly hands of winter has reached our gardens and it’s a good time to take a few minutes for winter rose care. Luckily, protecting roses is not a difficult task. A few preventative measures during the winter months will ensure that you have beautiful flowers and growth in spring.

When roses are properly prepared for cold weather, it is said to be hardened off. Most roses harden off by themselves during the onset of autumn and winter, as the plant’s cell walls thicken when they prepare for dormancy. But remember that the better you take care of your roses throughout the year, the better the chance that your roses will give a stunning display during spring and summer.

A Little Overall Clean Up

Clear away any debris from around your rose beds and remove any weeds that have grown up around your roses. Remove any diseased leaves on your roses. Many rose diseases are fungal and will overwinter in your garden and greet you in spring. Rather take a preventative approach. Now is also a good time to remove any dead or diseased wood and any canes that have not reached the thickness of a pencil.

Prevention is better than cure

By the time August rolls around it is time to spray your roses with Rose Care. Spray the entire shrub. This will ensure that your roses are disease free and ready for spring.

Bundling up for winter

When you winter-protect a rose, insulate the plant not only from the coldest temperatures but also from drying winds and unusually warm weather that may cause the plant to thaw prematurely. A good layer of mulch or bark chips will keep weeds down and aide moisture retention at the roots where it is most needed.

If you follow these few steps you’ll be ready for a new growing season and beautiful blooms in spring!