Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. Autumn colours are changing the look of your garden. Temperatures are mild, but we still enjoy a bit of late summer heat in the afternoons. Already it is starting to get nippy in the evening and early mornings. Just because the chilly months are ahead does not mean you can give up on your gardening just yet.

More people are investing in a vegetable garden, it’s easy to see why – I mean, who doesn’t like to walk out into the garden to get their fresh produce? It is not too late to get planting for an abundant winter crop. So, I’ll give you a heads-up on what to plant in the coming months. You’ll have a healthy and delicious supply of veggies for those cold winter months. Or if you simply do not have green fingers but still want to enjoy the benefit of a veggie garden, give us a call and we will design and install your dream veggie garden for you.

Over the next two months.

Broad beans are healthy and delicious for casseroles and soups. Plant them in April and May, as well as chinese cabbage, horseradish, kale and pak choi.

June and July

Yes, I know it’s chilly, but now is the time to plant these staples! June and July is the time to plant peas and potatoes. Plant cabbage from July onward.

Not to late yet, but hurry up!

Beetroot, carrot, cauliflower, garlic, spinach and spring onions planting time is in March and April, so hurry up and get those in the ground before it’s too late!

Don’t forget the herbs.

Time to plant chives, oregano, parsley and tyme is from now until the end of May.

Raised vegetable garden