Planning an efficient water feature

In our hot summer climate, everybody loves the refreshing qualities of a water feature. Consequently it adds to the beauty of a garden. How you locate, design and maintain your water feature greatly affects water consumption. Here we have some water-wise tips for adding a water feature into your garden.

  • A water feature in a shady or spot will obviously lose less water to evaporation.
  • Decrease the amount of wind going across the water feature. Consequently, this will cut down on evaporation. Position it, if possible, in an area of low wind movement. Alternatively, plant waterside shrubs as barriers.
  • If your water feature has moving water, extra water is lost to evaporation. Rather choose a fountain that produces coarse droplets instead of fine spray. Avoid high-pressure movement in fountains and waterfalls. These usually have high evaporation rates.
  • Switch off the pump when you don’t need to see the fountain. This is a simple, water efficient approach. After all, evaporation is greatest during the hot midday and afternoon hours.
  • Ensure that there is no excessive splashing out of the water feature. Frequently check for leaks.
  • A shallow pond will lose more water to evaporation than a deep pond. For ponds with a large surface area, try to make it between half a meter and 1m deep.
  • Cover the water surface with aquatic plants to reduce evaporation from ponds. Using plants such as floating lilies create a beautiful water-surface covering.
  • Pondless water features are both energy-efficient and water-conserving. Use a beautiful clay pot with water running over the brim. It makes an interesting water feature.
  • Another way to cut water costs is to re-use rainwater or greywater.

Once all of the correct components are in place, you can have a water-wise water feature. The simple presence of rippling water has a soothing quality.  Water features transforms a garden into a calm retreat. As the technology continues to improve, water features will become more efficient. And you can enjoy them without feeling guilty.

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