Nettleton Street (2014)

This Nettleton Street project featured large paved areas and driveways. Therefore our aim was to create beautiful and interesting paving since there was so much of it.

For this reason we incorporated organic curves emphasized with pebbles between cobble paving. This offsets against areas where we added strong lines and right angles in this shady garden. The decorative paving really comes to life with the white pebble inserts, and makes the paving interesting and dramatic.

To create a lush, full feeling we planted Buxus hedging. This will also lend a more formal feel to areas of the garden. Additionally we added texture and contrast with mass planting of shrubs of different coloured leaves. Focus areas with architectural plants, and shaped pots with clean lines, adds drama.

These compliments the lines in the garden and bring an ever freshness and spatial peace. The end result is a garden where the paving adds to the beauty of the landscaping and reinforces the dramatic planting.