Living wall gardens – green has never been so stylish

Vertical gardens are an alternative for gardeners who don’t have a lot of horizontal space. But it’s also a fantastic way to screen an area. Or if you just want something stunningly beautiful.  Also known as living walls, these vertical gardens offers some amazing benefits to your home.

What is A Vertical Wall Garden?

A vertical garden involves a system that lets you place the plants vertically.  Besides, it’s really simple and easy to maintain.

You are really not limited to outdoor space only. You can create stunning living walls indoors with the right plant choices. Choose a wall where you would like to create your vertical garden and start planning.

What Can I Plant?

Plant choice will depend upon how much sunlight the wall you choose receives. Rather choose a wall that will provide the best growing conditions for plants that you would like to use.

You can create breath-taking artwork grouping plants together. To achieve the most dramatic effect, plan carefully in advance what you would like the end result to be.

There are some amazing benefits to planting a living wall indoors. Of course we chose a few here for you.

A natural air conditioning.

Did you know that a green wall acts as a natural air conditioner, balancing humidity levels. Significantly, a green wall cools the air around it naturally through evapotranspiration.

Improved Air Quality.

It has been scientifically proven that foliage improves air quality. After all, it acts as a natural air filter, purifying the polluted air whilst releasing clean oxygen. It’s a good idea to install at your office, since cleaner air leads to better concentration, healthier employees and fewer sick days. In effect, it increases productivity.

Eye catching.

Weather it is at home or the office, a living wall will transform any room. With this in mind, it adds value to your home or office. Markedly creating a beautiful, calming environment for your clients at your business.

Reduced Noise Levels.

The foliage absorbs and deflects  noise, reducing background noise. This principle has been used by many landscaping designers for clients living next to a busy road. Planting a large hedge or lush, large plants next to the wall, reduces traffic noise tremendously.

We offer an installation service making use of an automated modular system that takes the hassle and risk out of vertical gardens.  This includes technical design, automated irrigation, plant selection and design and lighting. Resulting in estatic clients!