Goodale Street, Waverley (2015)

After Photo 1

This design and installation for Goodale Street included the garden and sidewalk. The landscaping for the sidewalk with the curvy organic lines, invites one to see what is on the other side of the wall. This sidewalk draws you into the garden. It’s as if you can hear it say: “Come walk in my garden!”.

Our design of the garden includes the repeat of the organic lines around the water feature. This creates a sense of connection and brings unity between the two areas. We included drought tolerant plants, such as Aloe Maloti, Bulbines, Echeverias, Tulbachia and Aloe Aristata. This ensures continuous flowering throughout the year.

Terraces in the paving work helps with the control of storm water and creates interesting levels. We added gravel and pebbles between the pavers to create texture and contrast, making the pavers pop. We have successfully created a show stopping, low maintenance sidewalk, and a garden that beautifully echoes in symmetry. This project really adds to the curb appeal of this home.