This project is located in Westerbloem retirement village. We added low terraces to uneven areas. This aids with water preservation. This in fact, prevents rain water run-off. Therefore it allows the ground to absorb more water. It will also beautifully showcase the colourful bulbs which we have planted.

A charming walkway with stepping stones and pebbles welcome guests. It leads them through the garden to the front patio and door. The client loves succulents and water wise plants. For this reason we incorporated these throughout the garden. We also added several indigenous grasses to add softness to the beddings. Then we placed a trio of pots at the entrance to the garden. These are a magnificent aqua blue creating a pop of colour. Additionally we incorporated splashes of brightly coloured flowers. With our Client, we selected these to be hardy and water wise.

Everywhere you look in this garden you will find something special. This garden creates a welcoming space and our client loves it!