Frans Kleynhans Rd, Groenvlei (2016)


This project in Frans Kleynhans Rd Groenvlei had several design elements for us to explore. A majestic garden is probably the first impression you get when you visit this exceptional garden. The four bedrooms overlook the terraced savannah garden with its reflection pond. We designed the pond nestle into a beautifully designed paved area. We have added carefully selected ground covers such as Falkea, Aloe Aristata, Viola Hederacia and Portulacas between the stepping stones to create a lush, cool feeling.

A trio of focus pots and raised water-wise aloe gardens enclosed this space. Each Aloe garden has its own unique selection of xeriscape planting, rocks and grasses. The shaded Clivia garden on the upper level displays the client’s love for their unique collection of Clivias. A journey through this garden will take one past mass planting of different Clivias and agapanthus. Arriving at end of this Clivia garden walk, one receives the privilege of an extraordinary view across the entire garden. A space filled with grandeur, movement and peace.