Fauna, Bets de Kock (2016)


In this Fauna garden, our elderly client wanted an inexpensive way to replace her lawn. A lawn is a high maintenance area of a garden. Many elderly clients simply have no need for a lawn. We have opted for gravel and stepping stones to achieve a lawn replacement. Adding a meandering pathway introduces organic curves to the space. Furthermore, the contrast between the colour of the stepping stones and gravel gives more dimension to the space.

This is also a great way to make the garden water-wise, practical and low-maintenance. The client additionally feels that the area is safer for her, as it is more level.  We have taken especially great care in the preparation of this area. By installing weed guard under the gravel and steppingstones, it keeps them free from weeds growing in the future.

This garden is ideal for our client who does not want to spend her time on maintenance.