Expo Garden at Greenside Nursery

Photo 2

We were super exited to design and build this expo garden at Greenside Nursery. In this garden our aim was to showcase some of the different paving elements that we specialize in, such as straight lines, curves, and level changes, using a variety of hard landscaping elements. We used drought tolerant plants to unify the garden, creating a low maintenance garden that is rich in texture and colour. To create lushness we added plants like vibernum, carex china blue, achorus golden edge and mondo black dragon. We also incorporated wistringia, stelitzia, and a mass planting of agapanthus. Pots in a range of green hues acts as accent pieces. The pathways with stepping stones and pebbles invites one in to explore. Different seating areas create an opportunity for rest and reflection. This also gives the eye something to fall on, creates a focal point and anchors the space. This drought tolerant garden will be able to withstand our hot and dry summers as well as our freezing winters. With our usual attention to soil preparation, this garden will continue to grow and thrive. We would love for you to have a look next time you are at Greenside Nursery.