Dr Mofolo Garden (2013)


The Mofolo garden project offered us a variety of different products to work with. We created a focus piece with the placement a large-scale fiery red pot. This gives the eye something to land on and creates a sense of drama. Additionally, this also is the zone in the garden to and from which one relates to.

The beautiful paved verandas overlook a sparkling pool situated on a lower level. We installed artificial lawn between the large-scale pavers on the veranda. This aids to reinforce and compliment the geometric design. It also adds a feeling of lush coolness and breaks the monotony of the pavers. Likewise, we incorporated geometric gardens, with precision mass planting. These are cleverly complimented with the installation of levels, contrasting textures and colour in plants, as well as decorative use of pebbles.

Overall, the garden reflects the clients’ love for the dramatic and creates liveable outdoor spaces for them to enjoy.