Landscaped Garden Design & Implementation

Meet Marliza den Heyer

My passion is to co-create your landscaped garden with you. Albeit for your office or home. I work from the heart. I also get to know you sufficiently to establish a creative partnership. Regarding creative ideation and physical implementation of your landscaped garden, my team and I are ready, as artists and craftspeople, to bring your vision to life. I walk with you, listen and talk to you, truly understanding your needs, giving my input and sharing my ideas.

I express the result of our initial discussions and walk-about, in a pen-and-pencil sketch. After further discussion and agreement, I create and present you with a digital 2D plan. More coffee, conversation, and a green light from you, equally leads to a digital plan in 3D. Similarly I present you with a visual tour, through what we are creating to be your dream landscaped garden.

Having completed the design phase, correspondingly my team and I plan for implementation. Planning it in concert with the weather and also your lifestyle. After a comprehensive garden clean-up, we may commence greening your dream from 3D to full 6D*!

My being on-site twice per day throughout the implementation phase, consequently implies that all planting and installation happen according to plan. An added feature flowing from my presence is my ability to suggest and implement new ideas as we progress. Indeed the road to function and beauty truly is an avenue for continuous improvement.

Once our co-created vision of a landscaped garden has been realised, we invite you to make use of e-sienna life!’s Gardening Maintenance Program. In fact, it implies a journey of up to three years, for your new landscaped garden to settle.

* refer the 6D section in About Us for a more comprehensive explanation


What is an E-Sienna Life landscaped garden?

Creative partnership

E-Sienna Life co-creates your dream corporate and residential landscaped garden, with you. We follow processes, in partnership with you, which culminate in a cool, calming, natural space, which embraces your needs, personality and style.

e-sienna life! and you results in a confluence of Culture and Nature.

Simply put, a landscaped garden is one where the shape of a piece of land, and the garden contents thereof, is designed and installed from a creative vision.

In our view, landscaping happens when, first and foremost, where you modify the visual features of a piece of land. We prepare the canvas for the co-creative work of art to follow. In this case, however, the canvas is not blank and flat, but already a product of the collaboration between e-sienna life! and you, our client.

Adding bodies of water, abstract elements like pots, paths, sound effects and resilient, living elements such as flowers, trees, shrubs and lawn, completes your artistic and personalised landscaped garden.

What differentiates an e-sienna life! co-created landscaped garden, from the next?

The landscaped garden we co-create with you, combines function and beauty, practicality and randomness, prominent features and intricate surprise.

Lines, textures and healthy, resilient plants invite you into your natural haven. Take off your shoes, and experience your lawn’s coolness, barefoot, first thing in the morning, at home, and during the 10am coffee break, at the office.

A true garden is a source of inspiration, entertainment, joy, growth and life! A habitat for humans and animals alike. A place where you can heal the disconnect between culture and nature, on a regular basis, through e-sienna’s life! inspiring spaces.

Both the founder of e-sienna life! Marliza den Heyer, and her team, are true artists and craftspeople, ideally suited to green your dream. Your landscaped garden will be a feast for your senses, including your sixth sense, from every angle.