Deane Rd, Arboretum (2016)


This Deane Rd Arboretum project gave us an opportunity to create paved walkways and seating areas. The clients wanted an area to relax and entertain in a part of the garden that was not functioning for them. Most gardens are shifting to more water-wise, low maintenance and practical. However, it still needs to be pretty.

We used stepping stones, accented with contrasting colours and textures of stone or pebbles. This creates pathways which will lead you on a peaceful walk through the garden. We also constructed a circular design for the seating areas to compliment the square inserts of stone and pebbles. Significantly, this will produce an organic feel and breaks some of the strong lines in the design.

All of these changes produced a garden where our clients can relax or entertain. It is a water wise, low maintenace space. In this garden we have reclaimed an area of the garden that was previously unused for our clients.