Crestone Hills Lilyvale

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This townhouse located in Crestone Hills Lilyvale has a tiny garden, and therefore required more attention to detail. Our aim was to create a structured design. We did this by designing a curving walkway with stepping stones. Then we added pebbles between the pavers to achieve a textured appearance. By incorporating levels for the beddings, it adds more visual interest and makes this garden seem larger.

We complemented the hard landscaping by adding softness with plants. Adding grasses are an especially good method of bringing softness to the hard landscaping. For this reason, we paired different grasses together opting for those that have contrasting colours and forms for added interest. To add height and rhythm we used pots painted in soft colours. These were placed in the beddings between the other plantings. This garden comes alive with the water-wise plants and clever hard landscaping through well designed walkways. As the plants establishes and grows, it will become lush and fill out.