Using your garden as an extension of your living space


South-Africans love the outdoors. So much of our lifestyle centers around being outdoors that it makes sense to extend your living space into your garden. In the first place, it’s a relatively straightforward, and stylish, way to give everyone in your home more room to spread out. Also, it creates an additional area for you to entertain. Here are some things to keep in mind when you want to create an outdoor living space.

Direct the flow of feet.

Regardless the size of your yard, your outdoor living spaces will work better if you direct the flow of feet. You can do this in several ways. For instance, lay formal walkways. Also create shifts in hardscape materials. Alternatively plant shrubs or trees to establish corners and borders.

Connect to the Indoors.

You are more likely to use outdoor living spaces that are easily accessible to indoor rooms. Rather locate your outdoor living space in a traffic pattern. By a living room or dining room is the ideal spot.

Create a Focal Point.

Well-designed indoor rooms typically build off one element. Then the rest of the furnishings and accents support that piece. Likewise with outdoor living spaces. A beautiful pool, patio, view or even a piece of furniture, becomes the focal point. It provides a spot to arrange furniture and orient views.

Comfy seating is king.

If there’s not plenty of room for people to sit and relax, it won’t matter what other features it has. Comfortable seating will ensure your outdoor living room gets plenty of use. Seating works best when arranged into small groups that allow people to gather and talk. For personal use, one seating area will suffice, but if you entertain often, you may want to consider creating multiple areas.

Don’t be afraid to decorate.

Outdoor living rooms do have a few unique considerations you’ll want to be aware of. You’ll need to add in other design elements with a variety of patterns, colours and textures to create visual interest. Adding in textiles like accent pillows or an outdoor rug is a great choice. They bring in lots of visual interest, but can be easily switched out as trends change.

Al fresco dining.

There is nothing better than dining outside on a hot summer night. Or enjoying your morning coffee and rusks on the patio in summer.  Ensure that you have enough space to move around your table comfortably. Dress up your table with a beautiful table cloth and table setting. It will make for a stylish and comfortable place to enjoy meals with family and friends.

Lighting sets the mood.

Create beautiful ambience with effective lighting. If you don’t have sufficient outdoor lighting an inexpensive solution is to add some candles, tea-lights and lamps.

Only what you want to see.

To screen off an area of your garden to create privacy, shrubs, hedges or a trellis with a beautiful climber is a way to create a softly textured “screen”.