Create instant impact with pots

You may not have the space for a garden, but anyone can master a few decorative pots for a balcony or patio. Or if you are lucky enough to have a garden, it can become a beautiful focal point. All you need is a few pots, potting soil, some plants and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to see why adding a few pots on your patio or balcony is such a brilliant way of gardening. We have put together some ideas to point you in the right direction. Hopefully this will inspire you to get your hands dirty too!

Select your pots.

The style and size of pots you choose depends availability of space, your budget and your personal preference or taste.

You’ll want to pick larger pots if you intend on planting small trees or groups of plants in one pot. Correspondingly a variety of different plants together will create a lush, striking appearance. This is the concept of “thriller, filler and spiller” plants.  While plant choice is important for any container, it is especially important for large containers. In fact, a large pot can dwarf your plants. Choose plants that will suit the pot and that is in scale. For thrillers, you may want either one tall and dramatic plant or a group of them. Using trees, shrubs or large perennials that will survive the winter makes your pot look good year-round. Fillers tend to be more rounded plants and make the container look full. Spillers are trailing plants that hang over the edge of the planter and are placed close to the edge of the container.

Always make sure there are ample drainage holes in the bottom of your pots. Otherwise the roots of your plants will rot. If not, you can always drill a few holes yourself. If the drainage holes are too big, add a few little stones in the bottom to prevent soil from being washed away.

Choose your plants.

You can plant almost any plant in a pot, from small trees to plants, bulbs or climbers. So what you choose really comes down to personal taste. It’s worth thinking about what plants will work well when placed together. Shape, height and colour are all things you might want to consider before buying your plants.

Choose a good quality potting soil.

You want to buy a good quality potting soil for your plants to be able to grow and flourish. Don’t skimp on this, and your plants will be happy, healthy and growing well. Add stones in the base of your container if needed. Then add your potting soil compost mixture and firm it down until the container is three quarters full.

Planting your pots.

Start with the largest plant and centre it in the pot. Firm in the plant by placing some of the potting soil around it and pressing down with your fingers. Continue planting around the pot until it is full. You can plant plants much closer together in a pot than you would normally do in the open garden. Water straight away.

Sit back and enjoy your pots. They invite you to slow down and notice the details, and best of all, no weeding!