Bewarea 100 (2013)

20140213_100027 copy

In this project, located in Bewarea, we created “Rooms” to produce inspired spaces to dwell in. It seems conflicting, but by creating division in spaces, you can make a small garden seem larger. We have done this with installation pots planted with shrubs. This also adds elevation, in effect forming a screen and the addition of pots creates rhythm. In this way ’garden room walls’ are formed, establishing a privacy screen. It also adds interesting corners to explore.

We used pavers with pebbles to create a decorative pattern. This adds different textures and creates interest. For the same reason we inserted some larger rocks and boulders in the flower beds. We brought in different shades of green in the form of shrubs and plants. For some colour we have added plants which flowers in blue, and white, as well as splashes of pink and yellow. One enjoys being in this garden with all its surprises.