Arboretum Office Block, Arboretum (2015)


The Arboretum Office Block project presented us with some unique landscaping opportunities. The brief was to incorporate a minimalist, low maintenance garden, without subtracting from the architectural facade of the building.

We incorporated large-scale feature pots to the paved outdoor spaces. Then also installed a garden at the ground level of the staircase leading to the entrance on the first floor. By strategically selecting pots, our aim was to compliment the style of the building. In these we planted sculptural, drought tolerant focus plants to add drama. Pots were grouped together on the balconies and the large courtyard to create a sense of rhythm. These showcase the modern lines of this striking building.

In the front garden, we planted drought resistant Olive trees. Then we added indigenous groundcovers with low water requirements. For this reason, we chose Falkea, Carpobrotus and Lampranthus. These act to soften the lines of the building and creates a luscious green carpet. This creates an inviting entrance for clients and staff alike.