E-Sienna Life greens your dream, from a 3D design vision to a 6D sanctuary

Why does E-Sienna Life talk about 6D?

An E-Sienna Life landscaped garden combines the five senses with your sixth sense. Your intuition – your deeper sense of self.
As landscaped garden design and installation artist, musician and graphic artist, Marliza den Heyer, founder and director, is perfectly positioned to realise your dream garden, with her team, while creating for all your senses.

Feel free to discuss with Marliza, all aspects of your sensory requirements, e.g.:

  • creating your garden as visual artwork from multiple angles
  • designing and installing unique sounds for your landscaped garden
  • implementing your fragrances of preference, in the garden
  • combining rough and smooth textures, and textures in-between
  • taste: add berries, fruit trees, herbs, etcetera, to your green feast
  • contemplative and social spaces, i.e. garden nooks and seating areas, where you can get in touch with nature, and your sixth sense

Origins of sienna

Sienna is an earth clay pigment, one of the first pigments used by humans, in combination with ocher and umbre. Found on many cave walls, sienna contains iron oxide and manganese oxide. Raw sienna is yellow-brown in colour, in its natural state, changing to reddish brown, when heated, also called burnt sienna.

Sienna is named after the Italian city-state or republic, Siena, which produced the pigment during the Renaissance.

Ancient compound brought to life!

Adding an E- to the word sienna, brings a contemporary touch to the name, acknowledging the age in which we live.

The word ‘life’ is accompanied by an exclamation mark, to indicate celebration and abundance.
life! is growth
life! is full of surprises
life! is abundant and giving

The E-Sienna Life logo

Starting with the visionary e, which is also an s, from which creativity flows, culminating in a pinkish red flower, balancing the calm, coolness of the green logo-pastures, around it a focus point for life inspired spaces in your corporate and residential landscaped garden.