Landscape Garden Design & Layout

Landscaping & Garden Design

E-Sienna Life provides an evaluation on site of the client’s garden or area, asking questions such as: Does your garden reflect your personality or corporate brand? Is the interior of your office or home in harmony and balance with your garden? Discussing the vision, as well as the client’s budget. After a thorough evaluation is done, the initial design process will start.

Landscape Garden Implementation

Comprehensive garden clean-up, installation of all bricks, sticks and stones that create expectation and flow, focus, and planting of all that green and grow. being on-site twice per day throughout the implementation phase, implies that all planting and installation happen according to plan.

Landscape Garden Maintenance

Once our co-created vision of a landscaped garden has been realised, we invite you to make use of E-Sienna Life!’s Gardening and Service Program, which implies a journey of up to three years, for your new landscaped garden to settle. We are the gardening services Bloemfontein experts.

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